Flowers for Wedding Anniversary or Engagement

Italian Flora shows you useful tips for the home delivery of Flowers for Wedding Anniversary or engagement.

There are several important occasions to celebrate and floral arrangements can be sent to your home for:

  • Wedding anniversary
  • Engagement Anniversary

What flowers to choose for wedding anniversary?

  • 1st anniversary – Carnation
  • 3rd anniversary – Sunflower
  • 5th anniversary – Daisy flower
  • 7th anniversary – Freesia
  • 9th anniversary – Poppy
  • 11th anniversary – Morning glory
  • 13th anniversary – Chrysanthemum
  • 15th anniversary – Rose
  • 20th anniversary – Aster
  • 25th anniversary – Iris
  • 30th anniversary – Lily
  • 40th anniversary – Gladiolus
  • 50th anniversary – Yellow Roses and Violet

Our top wedding anniversary gift ideas are:

  • for 10th anniverary a bouquet of white roses
  • for 20th an arrangement of fresh flowers
  • for 30th – 40th and 50th anniversary an elegant basket of plants for weddings

Flowers for engagement anniversary

For an Engagement anniversary the color changes:  red is a must, and rose is the best flower.

For engagement anniversary with your girlfriend, the most classic gift is always the romantic bouquet of red roses.

Those who opt for sending a floral bouquet for an engagement anniversary, we point out:

Same day Anniversary Flower Delivery by Local Florists

Be romantic with one of our anniversary bouquets.

Choose among roses, lilies, luxurious bouquet of fresh flowers

Same day delivery by a local florist.

Send the perfect romantic bouquet of love to your husband, wife, fiancé, girlfriend or boyfriend.

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Azalea’s Plant

Beautiful plant of Azalea … ideal for a gift to mom!

Basket composition in shades of yellow and orange

Original composition in basket in shades of yellow and orange, with gerberas, rose and other flowers and green decoration

Basket in light colors

Delicate composition in a basket of light pink gerberas and white lisianthus, with seasonal green … a perfect gift for

Basket of red roses

Basket arrangement of red roses and green…. a gift to touch the heart of your loved!

Basket of sunflowers

Majestic basket of sunflowers to get with a message of friendship straight to the heart

Bouquet in shades of white and red

Romantic bouquet in shades of white and red with roses, gerberas and green decoration.

Bouquet of 15 orange roses

Lively bouquet of 15 orange roses, with seasonal green … a wonderful surprise!

Bouquet of 24 orange roses

Solar bouquet of 24 orange roses, with seasonal green … a special surprise!

Bouquet of cream roses

Refined bouquet of cream roses and green… the proper gift for a Wedding or for a Baptysm!

Bouquet of orange roses with yellow  alstromeria

Lively bouquet of orange roses with yellow  alstromeria and green … a tribute to a sunny person.

Bouquet of pink lilies and white roses

Elegant bouquet of pink lilies and white roses, with green … shining thought, elegant in every occasion.

Bouquet of pink roses and gerberas

Delicate bouquet with pink roses and white gerberas, with green decoration.

Bouquet of sunflowers

Bouquet of sunflowers: to celebrate the arrival of Summer with an explosion of color and warmth!

Bouquet of sunflowers and blue flowers

Bouquet of sunflowers and blue iris or other blue flowers with decorative green.

Bouquet of sunflowers and orange roses

Bouquet of mixed flowers in warm colors, with sunflowers and roses on the shades of orange.

Bouquet of sunflowers and pink flowers

Bouquet of sunflowers and pink flowers: roses, gerberas and other flowers (without vase)  

Bouquet of sunflowers and red and orange flowers

Bouquet of sunflowers and other red and orange flowers.

Bouquet of white flowers

Simple bouquet of white mixed flowers…because white colour  means pure feelings.

Bouquet of white roses and lilies

Fresh bouquet of white roses and lilies with green…to express your purest feelings!

Bouquet of yellow and pink roses

Bouquet of yellow and pink roses enriched with seasonal green … a floral tribute for those who love originality!

Bouquet on shades of pink

Beautiful bouquet of gerberas, lilies and roses on  shades of pink  with seasonal green … an elegant floral thought for

Bouquet with red roses and sunflowers

Colorful and vibrant bouquet with red roses and sunflowers … a real ray of sunshine!

Bunch of red roses

Bunch of long stemmed red roses and green to say I love you!

Composition of sunflowers and yellow flowers

Delicate vase composition of sunflowers with lilium roses and other yellow flowers … an elegant and sunny thought at the