Send the perfect Get-Well wishes with Flowers

Send now Get Well Flowers with same day Delivery worldwide.

We offer Gift and Basket, when a friend or loved one is in the hospital:

Flowers to wish Prompt Recovery

Bouquets and bouquets to give as a gift for Healing.

Italian Flora shows you a list of flowers to wish a speedy recovery, to be sent to the hospital after an operation, or to a sick person as a wish for good health and to give a smile.

Together with the flowers for a speedy recovery, a phrase of good health is usually attached.

Greetings for a speedy recovery can be formal if it is from your employer, or a colleague in the office, or nice if it is a friend, a girl who studies with you, for her Mom, for her Dad, at relatives or grandparents

On this occasion, we recommend a bouquet of colored roses, to give joy, or a bouquet of lilies to give hope.

Offer Meaningful and Cheerful with Get-Well Flowers

You can send flowers around the world with a card and a beautiful phrase for a person you love and miss a lot, and on these occasions we can send your floral gift, or a plant to give to a sick person, too. in hospital abroad.

Wishing a speedy recovery with a bouquet of mixed flowers is the best way to send a message of good health, and promising to see yourself again with a special person, is a gesture that has a very important value especially on these occasions when words have a great importance.

There are many everyday arrangements that can be sent on the same day.

These services make it possible to send a bouquet to friends quickly.

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Azalea’s Plant

Beautiful plant of Azalea … ideal for a gift to mom!

Basket arrangement with gerberas and tulips

Nice basket arrangement with gerberas and tulips in bright colours…a breath of Spring! (Available from February to April)

Basket composition in shades of yellow and orange

Original composition in basket in shades of yellow and orange, with gerberas, rose and other flowers and green decoration

Basket in light colors

Delicate composition in a basket of light pink gerberas and white lisianthus, with seasonal green … a perfect gift for

Basket of colour gerberas

Colorful basket of gerberas in various colors, to give joy!

Basket of flowering plants

Colourful basket of seasonal flowering plants…an explosion of colours in your home!

Basket of green plants

Rich basket of green plants to adorn your garden with elegance

Basket of multicolor roses

Basket of multicolor roses and green: a bright gift to express your gratitude or your friendship to a special person!

Basket of multicolour tulips

Beautiful basket with multicolour tulips….to send a colourful message! (Available from February to April)

Basket of sunflowers

Majestic basket of sunflowers to get with a message of friendship straight to the heart

Bouquet in shades of white and red

Romantic bouquet in shades of white and red with roses, gerberas and green decoration.

Bouquet of 15 orange roses

Lively bouquet of 15 orange roses, with seasonal green … a wonderful surprise!

Bouquet of 24 orange roses

Solar bouquet of 24 orange roses, with seasonal green … a special surprise!

Bouquet of bright flowers

Sunny bouquet of yellow and orange flowers with roses, gerberas and other mixed seasonal flowers to welcome Summer with your

Bouquet of Lisianthus

Delicate bouquet of white and purple lisianthus … a particular thought!

Bouquet of mixed seasonal flowers

Sparkling bouquet of mixed seasonal flowers …a simple gift just to say “I am here”!

Bouquet of multi-coloured gerberas

Joyful bouquet of mixed colourful gerberas and green…to make your darling happy! (vase not included)

Bouquet of orange flowers

Bouquet of orange mixed flowers with roses and gerberas: a nice gift for a joyful and sparkling person!

Bouquet of orange roses with yellow  alstromeria

Lively bouquet of orange roses with yellow  alstromeria and green … a tribute to a sunny person.

Bouquet of pink lilies and white roses

Elegant bouquet of pink lilies and white roses, with green … shining thought, elegant in every occasion.

Bouquet of pink roses

Lovely bouquet of pink roses and green to express your friendship with a touch of elegance

Bouquet of pink roses and gerberas

Delicate bouquet with pink roses and white gerberas, with green decoration.

Bouquet of sunflowers

Bouquet of sunflowers: to celebrate the arrival of Summer with an explosion of color and warmth!

Bouquet of sunflowers and blue flowers

Bouquet of sunflowers and blue iris or other blue flowers with decorative green.