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5 Yellow Roses

Brighten your day with the lively beauty of our 5 Yellow Roses. Our Yellow Roses are carefully selected for freshness

Bouquet of red tulips

Looking for a romantic bouquet to surprise your loved one? Our stunning red tulips and green foliage arrangement is the

White and pink roses

Looking for an elegant and sophisticated gift? Our stunning bouquet of white and pink roses is the perfect choice. Whether

Bouquet of sunflowers and pink flowers

Indulge in the allure of our sunflower and pink flower bouquets, adorned with the timeless elegance of roses, cheerful gerberas,

9 Red Roses

Embrace classic elegance with our 9 Red Roses bouquet from Italian Flora. Each simpathy flowers symbolize love and respect, providing

Bouquet of roses and orchids

Looking for an elegant bouquet to express your feelings on a special occasion? Our stunning arrangement of red roses, red

Bouquet of pink roses and orchids

Looking for a unique and sophisticated gift for a refined woman? Our bouquet of pink roses and orchids is the

Pink, orange and white basket composition

Looking for a beautiful composition to brighten up your home or surprise someone special? Our stunning basket arrangement in the

9 Red Roses in vase

Adorn your space with elegance and passion using Italian Flora’s exquisite arrangement of 9 red roses in a sleek vase.

15 red roses

Italian Flora presents 15 red roses, a symphony of elegance and beauty. Perfectly crafted to convey your deepest sentiments, each

Basket of orange roses

Orange Roses and Green Basket Arrangement: A Heartwarming Gift to Touch the Hearts of Your Loved Ones! (the image shown

Basket of red and white flowers

Orange Roses and Green Basket Arrangement: A Heartwarming and Enchanting Gift to Touch the Hearts of Your Beloved Ones!

Basket of red roses and purple flowers

Looking for an elegant way to express your feelings? Our fine arrangement of red roses and purple seasonal flowers in

18 Red Roses

Italian Flora proudly presents its exquisite arrangement of 18 red roses, a timeless symbol of love and passion. Each simpathy

Heart orchids red roses

Special Heart Orchids with red roses from Italian Flora make a stunning bouquet, perfect for expressing love and passion. These

50 Pink Roses

Delight in the timeless elegance of 50 pink roses from Italian Flora. Each rose is carefully selected for its vibrant

Flowers for Love: Flowers for a girlfriend, a girl or a woman

Italian Flora delivers flowers at home to give as a gift for the love of a girlfriend or a woman.

Here is a selection of bouquets of roses in various colors, and floral gifts to send together with a card where you can communicate the beauty and simplicity of the sentiment of Love.

Say ‘I love you’ with beautiful flowers or plants.

Romantic Delivery Gifts

The predominant color in love is red, which expresses passion, therefore all floral compositions with roses are recommended, with this shade.

Here are the ten most romantic flowers and the meaning they carry:

1. Red Tulips, Love
2. Lilacs, New Love
3. Red Roses, Everlasting Love
4. Orchids, Luxury
5. Pink Stargazer Lilies, Wealth and Prosperity
6. Pastel Carnations, Love and Admiration
7. Daisies, Innocence
8. Alstroemerias, Devotion and Friendship
9. Camellias, Faithfulness
10. Blue Irises, Hope and Faith

Flowers delivery – Send a Romantic Bouquet of Gift

What are the best flowers to make love bloom?

The occasions to give a bouquet of flowers are:

  • Birthday
  • Wedding anniversary
  • Engagement
  • Courtship
  • Marriage
  • for a new acquaintance
  • to seduce a Woman
  • to conquer a Man

Online Love Flowers, Romantic Flowers For Her & Him

The best known love flowers of all are red roses.

To court a girl, our advice is to send a beautiful heart of red roses, a symbol of passion, ideal for declaring your feelings.

We work with expert local florists all over the world, send romantic flower arrangements, for a girlfriend or a woman, choose from a large catalogue of beautiful flower bouquets, and buy online in 5 minutes.

Love Flowers delivery - Send a Romantic Bouquet of Gift

Say I love you with love flowers or a romantic delivery. Whether looking for romantic flowers for her or for him, our love flowers will show that you care.