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Spatiphyllum plant

White Spatiphyllum plant: elegant blooming plant for Wedding and any special occasion.

Bouquet of white flowers

Simple bouquet of white mixed flowers…because white colour  means pure feelings.

White orchid plant

Elegant and refined white Phalenopsys plant…the ideal present for Wedding.

Bouquet of cream roses

Looking for a refined and elegant gift for a wedding or baptism? Our stunning bouquet of cream roses and lush

Bouquet of white roses and lilies

Looking for a fresh and beautiful way to express your purest feelings? Our stunning bouquet of white roses and lilies,

Red and white roses

Looking for a romantic and dreamy gift for your loved one? Our stunning bouquet of red and white roses, beautifully

Bouquet of pink lilies and white roses

Experience the Timeless Elegance of Our Bouquet, Featuring Pink Lilies and White Roses Accented with Fresh Greenery… A Radiant Gift,

Bouquet of white roses and lisianthus

Explore the Elegance of Our Refined Bouquet, Featuring White Roses, Lisianthus, and Lush Greenery… The Perfect Gift for Weddings or

Bouquet of roses in light tones

Delight in our Refined Bouquet of Roses in Soft Hues and Lush Greenery – The Perfect Gift for Weddings or

Basket in light colors

Delicate composition in a basket of light pink gerberas and white lisianthus, with seasonal green … a perfect gift for

White cymbidium orchid plant

Elegant and refined white Cymbidium plant…the ideal present for a lovely event.

Flowers for Wedding

Marriage is the most important day in the life of a woman and a man, and Italian Flora offers you useful advice on delivering flowers for wedding, or to give for happy anniversary.

Flowers for weddings can be delivered either to the church or to the bride’s home.

Give flowers for weddings, with home or church delivery

Giving flowers for a wedding means giving a thought that will remain engraved in the heart of the couple for a long time, and in addition we also recommend sending a greeting card.

Flowers arrangements and Bouquets

In our online flower shop you will find:

  • pretty centerpieces
  • baskets of roses
  • bouquets and floral bouquets in white and pink
  • orchids
  • compositions of plants
  • Peonies, lillies and roses bouquet

The flowers can be sent before the wedding, which is always a welcome gesture as the bride can use them to beautify the house to take photos in preparation for the ceremony.

Or after the wedding, before the honeymoon so that the couple can enjoy them when they find themselves at home in peace.

Bouquet and Centerpiece Collections

Shop our unique wedding collections of bouquets, arrangements, and centerpieces!

Our wedding flower arrangements are handmade.

Flower centerpieces can be created in a multitude of sizes, shapes, heights, and color palettes.

Giving a bridal gift of fresh flowers?

Our bridal bouquets can be ordered for any amount, for anyone who loves flowers!

Flowers for Wedding, bouquet, centerpieces with home or church delivery

Flowers for Wedding, , with home or church delivery. Shop our unique wedding collections of bouquets, arrangements, and centerpieces