How can you send flowers anonymously?

How can you send flowers anonymously? Are you a secret admirer or a romantic boyfriend who wants to surprise his sweetheart with beautiful flowers?

If you wish this lucky recipient to receive flowers from you, but without revealing your identity, we can make your wish come true: no one will ever know who sent them but you! Find out how to do it and how we can help you realize your project.

When is it appropriate to send flowers anonymously?

Sending anonymous flowers is often a welcome but sometimes inappropriate initiative. For example, it is a perfect gesture after a phase of dating so as to make the relationship official: having flowers delivered to your partner’s home without a sender is a very nice gesture and, once you have discovered the mysterious admirer, it will make the atmosphere even more romantic in the couple.

Anonymous flower delivery can also be a way to come out, provided the anonymity doesn’t last too long and the unknown admirer reveals himself.

On the other hand, it is strongly discouraged to send flowers to someone who has recently concluded a long relationship and is visibly distressed: in such a context, they are led to believe that the recipient is actually their ex partner who is attempting a rapprochement.

Furthermore, it is contraindicated to send flowers anonymously to the workplace: it could seem inappropriate and embarrass the recipient.

What to write in the note accompanying your flowers?

If you’re thinking of sending flowers to a loved one without them revealing your identity, you need to pay close attention to the note that will accompany your mystery floral gift.

Among all the cards offered on the market, those in decorated or plain cardboard are certainly to be preferred.

For a more formal gift, however, even a business card with its envelope will be fine and will be perfect as a complement to an elegant bouquet of flowers.

Furthermore, even if it may seem trivial to you, the handwriting is essential: it must be clear, because your message must be legible and harmonious, just like a letter from the past. No frills or too much haste, avoiding common conventional phrases as much as possible.

And if writing isn’t your forte, then our staff will be happy to advise you on the best solution to accompany your gift.

It is always good, however, if you don’t want to be too explicit and leave excessive clues to the recipient, simply sign the note with the initial of your name.

This way, you can add an extra touch of curiosity to your gift.

How do you secretly send flowers?

You had a really nice idea in wanting to send a floral tribute to those you hold in your heart because the mystery that surrounds such a gift is capable of giving it that extra touch of magic!

Imagine what it would be like to be in front of the delivery man who is about to deliver the wonderful roses you have chosen for your girlfriend or the splendid sunflowers for your husband.

We will reliably help send and deliver anonymous flowers.

All the data you provide us will not be disclosed in any way and it will not be possible to trace it in any way, both by the recipient and by the florist.

In fact, only the message will be delivered to the recipient which, if you wish, you will choose to attach. There is something absolutely romantic about sending flowers anonymously, so don’t waste a minute: order your favorite flowers online now and you will be sure that they will be delivered at the time you set.

If you prefer, you can also have the flowers delivered online to your address: then leave them in a place where the recipient will be able to find them and, in this way, not only will the surprise be successful but whoever receives your gift will not be able to ask the courier for news!

To deliver your fragrant and colorful gift, here is the site where you can find flowers online!

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