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How to Choose the Right Christmas Flower Bouquet?

How to Choose the Right Christmas Flower Bouquet

How to Choose the Right Christmas Flower Bouquet?

Christmas is a magical and special time that brings joy, warmth, and a sense of sharing.

At Italianflora, we believe that every floral gift represents an opportunity to share genuine emotions and make significant occasions even more special.

In this enchanted context, flowers become silent messengers of love, hope, and happiness.

If you are about to add a touch of floral beauty to your Christmas celebration or are deciding which flowers to send for Christmas, consider the meanings and colors in search of the perfect floral gift.

Here’s a guide to the best flowers to give for Christmas.

Best Christmas flowers ever? Classic Christmas Colors

When it comes to choose the right Christmas flower bouquet you must have 2 colors in mind: white and red. 

The Magic of Red: Red Roses Red is the classic color of Christmas, a symbol of passion and love.

Bunch of red roses

Red roses, with their timeless beauty, convey affection and romance.

Gifting a bouquet of red roses is an elegant gesture that speaks of love and devotion.

It’s a perfect gift for your partner or to express gratitude to those you cherish.

The Bouquet of white roses and lilies: the bouquet of white roses and lilies is a refined and elegant color, perfect for capturing the Christmas spirit.

Bouquet of white roses and lilies

Lilies, with their delicate ivory petals and elegant form, represent purity and innocence.

They are an ideal gift for those who appreciate simple beauty and grace.

A bouquet of white lilies is also a sophisticated way to wish happy holidays to family and friends.

The Charm Spatiphyllum plant: the Spatiphyllum plant is the plant of hope and rebirth, making hydrangeas a perfect choice for Christmas.

Spatiphyllum plant

With their variety of green shades and striking structure, hydrangeas symbolize abundance and prosperity.

A bouquet of Spatiphyllum is a captivating gift for those who want to bring freshness and vitality into their home during the holiday season.

Gerbera Daisies and White Lilies: an unexpected Christmas Flower Bouquet

The Innocence of White: Lilies

White is a color symbolizing purity and light.

White lilies make for an elegant gift that conveys a sense of peace and harmony.

Gifting white lilies is a delicate way to wish happy holidays and send messages of hope and benevolence.

These flowers are perfect for adorning the table during the Christmas dinner, adding a touch of elegance and tranquility to the festive atmosphere.

The Joy of Orange: Gerbera Daisies

Orange is a vibrant color that reflects joy and energy.

Orange gerbera daisies are an excellent choice to gift a touch of vitality during the holiday season.

They symbolize positivity and optimism, making this flower perfect for adding a bit of cheerfulness during the Christmas period.

Red and orange bouquet

Whether used in bouquets or as festive decorations, orange gerbera daisies bring a burst of joy to the holiday celebrations.

In conclusion, flowers are a timeless gift that speaks directly to the heart.

Choosing the right flowers to send internationally based on colors and meanings can add a special touch to holiday celebrations.

What is the best way to send flowers internationally?


Whether you’re looking to express love, hope, or joy, a thoughtfully selected bouquet is the perfect way to convey your feelings delicately and memorably.

This Christmas, let flowers be your messengers of happiness.

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