What flowers do you get for new baby?

All you need to know before sending a bouquet of flowers to celebrate the birth of a baby.

Each couple faces the difficulties of life by navigating together through changes, ups and downs, growing, evolving and striving to strengthen their relationship.

However, their lives change instantly and permanently when the family expands with a child.

In addition to taking responsibility for the child, it is the most exciting, overwhelming and memorable time for both parents.

So, during this beautiful transitional period in life, every couple needs more support, love and concern from their loved ones and neighbors, which is why congratulating them with a beautiful bouquet of flowers at home is always the ideal choice.

Sending a flower arrangement to new parents is not only a wonderful gesture, but also a great encouraging gift for them.

The delicate flower petals and their refreshing fragrance instantly bring pure joy and happiness to the couple’s life.

However, it is important to follow some basic rules to make the gift even more welcome.

What is the right time to send flowers to a mother

Since it is difficult to get an idea of ​​the exact date of birth, most people prefer to wait for the new parents to announce the birth of their baby.

This is a perfect way to congratulate them on time.

In that situation, the best way to congratulate her is to send flowers the same day or the next day, directly to the hospital.

The gesture will make her happier and more relaxed. Alternatively, you can also send the flowers home the day she arrives home with the baby.

This would be a great surprise gift for them and they might feel more joyful for the occasion.

If you are ordering flowers online, be sure to monitor delivery times so you can surprise them in a timely manner.

What kind of flowers do you send to a new mum?

Before sending flowers on the occasion of the birth of a baby, it is a great idea to find out the gender of the unborn baby so that you can deliver a perfect gift according to the occasion.

By knowing the sex first, it is easily possible to choose the right type and colors of flowers, because some gender specific colors seem appropriate on these occasions.

But if you are unsure about sex and want to send flowers before giving birth to wish and motivate the mother, it is best to send her gender neutral colors.

A few white, cream, light and pastel colored flowers would be a great option.

Choosing bold and vibrant shades like red, orange and green is also the best idea that symbolizes peace, calm and elegance.

The best flowers for a little girl. If you are sending flowers for a baby girl, light flowers in pastel shades of pink, purple or white are preferable.

Colors are specifically associated with femininity and look perfect when you congratulate the mother of the first baby in their family.

When it comes to selecting the right type of flower, it is recommended that you opt for pink roses, pink tulips, mixed-colored lilies or carnations.

These are all popular and favorite baby flowers and also available in different feminine colors.

Especially when a mother receives them in the hospital after giving birth, the not excessively intense scents will help her to relax and find calm together with the beautiful colors of the flowers.

The best flowers for a new baby arrival

When you want to send flowers to a baby’s mother, go for bold colors like blue and yellow flowers.

Some unique flowers like delphiniums, orchids, freesia, statice, and red anthuriums are the best choices to consider.

However, if you plan on doing something extra, we also recommend sending flowers in a colorful vase or a crystal vase to match the flowers.

The arrangement would look great when decorating in the hospital after giving birth.

Is it a good idea to send flowers after the baby is born?

Yes why not! Sending flowers after the baby arrives is also a great idea.

After all, it is still a moment of happiness for parents when they receive the flowers after giving birth and are ready to take on the next responsibilities of their newborn.

Indeed, this is the right time when parents are going through tough times and need a moment of encouragement from their loved ones.

They are mostly sleep deprived and try to manage and adapt to new changes in life.

Especially if they have become parents for the first time, they will certainly feel more anxious because of the responsibilities and thoughts for the future.

Hence, receiving a beautiful bouquet of greetings during this stressful time would motivate and encourage new parents to take charge of the new life that awaits them, also manifesting closeness in times of need.

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