How many roses to give to a girl you like?

How many roses to give to a girl you like? Here is a very common question that is exposed to our florists near you, before preparing a floral gift to be delivered.

What better gift could a woman want than roses, the ultimate symbol of passion.

How many roses to give? Even number

In the language of flowers, red roses represent love par excellence and or a romantic declaration.

Giving flowers is a demonstration of affection, with a specific meaning, which is expressed through a card that will be delivered by our florist in charge, even anonymously if necessary.

Depending on the number of roses given and their color, different happy events such as engagement or wedding can be evaluated.

It is in fact a tradition of flower etiquette, to give an even number of roses for an engagement (6 red roses) or for a wedding (12 red roses).

For those who want to amaze and fall in love with a girl you really like, then you can give away 50 roses.

The colors red, yellow are recommended to show jealousy or curiosity, and orange to give a joyful tone to the floral thought.

How many odd roses to give

It is very important to follow the rules of etiquette when preparing to give a bouquet of roses.

A individually wrapped red rose is love at first sight, and is a first sign to tell a girl you like her

  • 3 roses: it is a clear manifestation “to say I love you”
  • 5 red roses: it is the pledge of love, the demonstration of sentiment
  • 7 roses: it’s like saying “I want to be yours alone” a declaration of fidelity
  • 9 roses: it is synonymous with eternity, and represents a lasting journey of life as a couple
  • 11 roses: symbolizes the “greatest treasure”
  • 15 roses: this tribute symbolizes forgiveness, or when you want to apologize.

What kind of rose to give to a woman you like?

Certainly the red rose, but also the coral rose, and the yellow roses.

The red rose immediately expresses passion.

Coral rose is ideal for a relationship that has already started, and it also fits well in a bouquet with tulips.

The yellow or orange rose is a symbol of joy and allows you to send an unhurried message, and in small steps you declare your interest.

Here is now a series of bouquets of roses and flowers to give to a girl you like:

  1. Bouquets of red roses
  2. Yellow Roses
  3. Blue Roses
  4. White Roses
  5. Pink Roses
  6. Orange Rose
  7. bundles of roses

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