What kind of flowers do you give your mother for her birthday?

What flowers can I give to my mother, for her birthday?

For your adorable Mum, why not offer a floral gift thanks to the flower delivery service?

Receiving flowers at home is a truly exciting surprise, an unexpected twist that warms the heart and makes you feel important, always present in the thoughts of loved ones.

When it is not possible to be close, a flower is enough to send a message of love, esteem and affection, thanks to the online flower delivery service.

Among the many advantages of the service, certainly the possibility of choosing the composition calmly and having the security of delivery on schedule are the details that make the difference.

Flowers and gifts for your Mother birthday

Here are the best floral arrangements for Mom, for her birthday or wedding anniversary.

Sending a bouquet of flowers at home for your Mum means giving a gesture of affection to a wonderful person who gave us life.

Here is a list of flowers that can be given as gifts:

  1. a bouquet of lilies
  2. a floral basket with small flowers and orchids
  3. sunflowers, which bring sunshine into the house
  4. the daisies, which represent goodness of mind and simplicity
  5. the calla lilies and orchids that represented purity
  6. tulips of any color, which convey infinite sweetness
  7. the potentilla, symbol of maternal love
  8. the iris symbol of love, but also of pain

What flower symbolizes a mother’s love?

Here are some perfect bouquets and some of the most beautiful floral arrangements to offer to celebrate this magical moment.

The azaleas

An azalea plant is a perfect gift idea for Mother’s Day:

it is a species that lives in mountain woods and has no particular need for water and light.

In addition, it is a perfect houseplant, full of wonderful little flowers of various shades, from peach pink to deep fuchsia.

The orchids

Even the orchid is a suggestive and feminine plant to give to your mother.

Scenic, elegant and refined, with its round petals it represents the woman in all its facets.

Red Roses

Red roses for you … but also white and pink

The rose has always been the feminine flower par excellence, the one that with its round corolla represents the changing seasons of women and their delicacy, sensuality, beauty, love and sweetness.

For the mother, give a variegated bouquet of roses, choosing from many varieties and many shades;

it will certainly be a welcome thought.

A particular bouquet for the unconventional mother

What colour for the best flowers gift for mother birthday

Another special idea for Mother’s Day is a floral arrangement with tulips, ears of wheat, blue hydrangeas and white peonies.

You can also add some calla lilies or white camellias.

Here is a typically country chic bouquet, to be enriched with a wisteria-colored satin ribbon and a few sprigs of lavender and rosemary.

With this typically spring bouquet of flowers, a country bouquet, mum will feel like a real nymph just awakened after a long hibernation.

Flowers Birthday Mother: which is best gift?

And if the flowers aren’t enough … surprise your mother with a precious jewel

The special combination for an equally unique gift?

Very simple, the flowers associated with a precious jewel, the right wedding that will surprise you in the blink of an eye!

Combine a bouquet of flowers with a jewel and the ideal cadeau is ready!

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