What are the best sympathy flowers?

Sending flowers for a funeral: that’s the etiquette

Discover the best sympathy flowers to send worldwide.

When a person passes away, the most delicate and adequate way to remember him passes through many manifestations, but doing it through the etiquette of flowers to be sent for a funeral has always been the most poetic way to celebrate a person’s life.

The etiquette for sending flowers for a funeral

In such a delicate and painful event as a funeral, care must be taken with funeral etiquette, and be careful in evaluating the most suitable flower and decoration to choose.

In fact, whether it is floral decorations intended for the funeral ceremony, such as crowns or coffin covers, or whether it is instead of compositions to be given as a gift to the family of the deceased, some very precise rules must be followed, since there is an etiquette exclusively dedicated to this ceremonial.

What flowers should I send for sympathy?

A particular focus concerns the floral decorations, whose purpose is to pay homage to the missing person, but usually this type of compositions are reserved for close relatives or long-term friendships.

In the type of decorations intended for this function we find:

wreaths of flowers of different shapes for a man’s funeral, or coffin cushions and mixed vase compositions, for the deceased mother.

These compositions are intended to decorate the funeral home, mortuaries and in some cases even private homes.

As for the most suitable flower species for condolences, we find:

roses and calla lilies, which express affection for the person no longer among us, while the flower that more generally represents mourning is the chrysanthemum.

As for gladioli and white lilies they are usually used in the case of a disappearance at a young age.

In the choice of the color of the flowers it is customary to attribute the color yellow to men and pink for women, but the password in these cases always remains sobriety in not exceeding in particularly bright colors and preferring simplicity, with a single valid exception:

the personal choice expressed by the deceased.

In this case, the homage of the color and favorite flower overrides what is prescribed by the etiquette of flowers for a funeral.

If you have any doubts, do not hesitate to contact your online florist on the internet to get the best advice, for the best sympathy flowers to send.

How much does a funeral flower arrangement cost?

Here are some tips on the price of funeral arrangements including delivery.

  • price of a wreath for the deceased from about 120 to 200 euros eu
  • wreaths with carnations and various flowers start from about 200 to 300 eu
  • crowns of roses with precious flowers you get around 500 euros

Always contact us in chat when it comes to sending a funeral composition to the cemetery, or to the church, or to the home of the deceased because we will be able to advise you on the right gift to send considering the value for money.

For example:

the cheapest wreaths for the dead can be delivered with a cost between 80 and 100 euros
medium-sized crowns can cost up to 150 eu, depending on the size and type of flowers.

What flowers are sent for a funeral?

Here are the compositions, and the best sympathy flowers, that are sent for a funeral event

Through your trusted florist, the following are also available:

  1. White flower crown, even without header
  2. Floral arrangement for the deceased
  3. Heart of flowers with gerbera
  4. Heart of roses of different sizes
  5. Cross of carnations

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