How can I order flowers at home?

This article gives you tips on how order flowers at home online by telephone or email.

Here are some simple tips for ordering flowers at home, all over the world.

  1. select a floral tribute
  2. choose the price with payment in 3 installments with Paypal or Scalapay
  3. enter a discount code, if any
  4. enter the delivery data: date, address and mobile phone of the recipient’s home
  5. write a message, it will be delivered by our florist
  6. if you like to send anonymous flowers, we will only send the floral gift

Follow these simple tips to order flowers online, with delivery worldwide in just a few hours.

Can I order flowers by telephone?

Yes, sure you can order calling us on mobile phone or whatsApp us.

As you can see, it’s super easy to send flowers from your tablet or phone.

There are many opportunities to send flowers home:

First of all, it is a good idea to order the flowers at home when the mother is discharged from the hospital, in this way she will not disturb the certainly very stressful post-partum phase.

Another precious suggestion, always give a bouquet of flowers with a not too intense scent.

Ordering flowers at home during the day: here are which ones to choose

Ordering flowers at home is the best way to show loved ones that we think about them.

There are many occasions to send a bouquet of flowers to the home of a special friend, or a relative you love, and they are always a welcome thought.

Here on italianflora there are some tips.

To thank someone

A floral gift to thank a loved one is a simple idea to show affection.

A colorful and fragrant composition, like a bouquet of colored tulips, or a basket of seasonal flowering plants.

For Happy Birthday Wishes

Roses and orchids are among the most popular flowers to order to make happy birthday wishes for mom.

These flowers are very colorful and adapt very well to the decor of the house, scenting the environment.

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