What do orchids mean in a relationship?

Orchids: giving a thought symbol of Love and sensuality

Giving orchids online means giving a gesture of Love and sensuality to a woman or girl we particularly care about.

Together with a composition with roses, it is among the most popular and most chosen flowers by men with whom to pay homage to their women, wife or girlfriends.

Gift orchids online

In the florist near me, these genus of orchids are available online:

  • phalaenopsis orchid
  • dendrobium
  • oncidium
  • cymbidium
  • Vanda orchid
  • Cattleya orchid

Giving an orchid to a girl: what is the meaning?

In the language of flowers, therefore, the orchid is a symbol of beauty, elegance, reverence, seduction, love and even eroticism.

But if I have to give this flower or roses to a girl, what is the real meaning?

The orchid has always been considered an aphrodisiac flower, so much so that in ancient times it was used to prepare elixirs of love but also infusions of eternal youth.

Sensuality, passion, love are all elements and meanings that are combined with this fascinating flower with velvety petals and multiple shades of color, from milky white to a light touch of yellow or green, from light pink to cyclamen.

What do orchids symbolize?

Orchids are the flower par excellence approached to the female figure for its extreme beauty, its sensual shapes, delicate colors and intoxicating scent.

But its regal aspect should not be overlooked, which makes it the most elegant and refined flower by far, so much so that it is chosen as the most suitable gift for special occasions, such as:

  • marriage
  • official engagement
  • for a floral decoration in important receptions
  • as the main flower in the gala evening

Those who decide to give an orchid online, even just for thanks, do so to express admiration, esteem as well as gratitude and will have the desired effect of surprising the person who receives it, who will feel honored with a precious and special gift.

How much does it cost to give orchids with delivery from the florist?

Based on the meaning of their color, these different types of Orchids can also be sent home or given as gifts

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