What flower means love?

Flowers delivered for love? If the floral gift refers to a love story, it is inevitable to think of roses.

Here you will find useful tips of the language of roses to give as a gift based on color.

To declare one’s love to a woman, tradition has it that roses are red and twelve in number.

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What are the flowers that symbolize love?

On the occasion of an anniversary, or to show your affection to a friend, you can choose coral-colored roses, white or yellow, simple or accompanied by tulips or lilies.

If, on the other hand, the intention is to attract attention with something surprising, you can choose an uncommon flower, such as the orchid.

To woo a young girl, the advice is to choose less demanding flowers, to be offered as a sign of friendship, sending a message of freshness and sympathy.

The daisies, simple and graceful, are a classic, however camellias or colored gerberas are also suitable.

Or lavender, even better if in a vase, especially for those who love strong fragrances.

On the other hand, giving an iris flower means a bearer of good news, because its colors are reminiscent of a rainbow.

Flowers for love to be sent all over the world

Italian Flora sends bouquets of roses and delivery of flowers for the love of a girl, for the girlfriend or for your woman, your love.

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Flowers that mean “I love you”

The occasions to give a bouquet of flowers for Love are:

  • Birthday
  • Wedding anniversary
  • Engagement
  • Courtship
  • Marriage
  • for a new acquaintance
  • to seduce a Woman
  • flowers to conquer a Man

To woo a girl, our advice is to send a beautiful heart of red roses, a symbol of passion, ideal for declaring your feelings.

If you want to deliver a bouquet of flowers for the love of your girlfriend, then we can recommend a tender bouquet of roses and pink lilies.

Love for a Woman is a state of mind, it does not involve half measures, and usually together with a bouquet of flowers you can also choose to buy flowers and gifts online, to be delivered together with a nice teddy bear, or a bottle of wine, jewels, or chocolate.

There is nothing more beautiful than sending a beautiful bouquet of flowers along with a love card to the people we love on every anniversary of the year.

Flowers for girlfriend or woman

Italian Flora delivers all over the world, home delivery flowers to give as a gift for the love of a girlfriend or a woman.

Here is a selection of bouquets of roses in various colors, and floral gifts to send together with a card where you can communicate the beauty and simplicity of the sentiment of Love.

The predominant color in love is red, which expresses passion, therefore all floral compositions with roses are recommended, with this shade.

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