Green Plants delivery service

Sale of green plants online, home delivery, Italian Flora is the best plants delivery service.

Send green plants for apartments, gardens, interiors and exteriors

We offer you a selection of green and flowering plants to give away online with home delivery, throughout Italy and around the world.

The sale of the green plants is of excellent quality, and the shipment will take place in a few hours to the address you indicated in the online purchase.

To send green plants abroad, delivery is expected in 24-48 hours, contact us by chat for clarification.

Order Green Plants online for delivery

Gorgeous green plants are an easy way to make a space feel more like home.

We can report a series of green plants for:

apartments, gardens, interiors and exteriors, and in our internet shop, the price also includes shipping.

You can safely buy your plants at Italian Flora web international shop.
We offer secure payment and we ship your plants fresh from the greenhouse, delivery same day or next day.
  • ‎House Plants
  • Yucca plant
  • diffenbachia plant
  • plant of san severia
  • Perennial Plants
  • Flowering House Plant

Now, however, we offer you other tips on green outdoor plants:

  • lemon plant
  • mandarin plant
  • orange plant

Plants delivery: on what occasions should I gift a green plant?

Plants make great gifts for anniversaries, birthdays, graduations and promotions, and to say thank you to a new friend.

A Plant can be delivered also to a commercial office, or to your private shop on any occasion.

Visit our Plants shop online!

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Basket arrangement of green and blooming plants

Basket arrangement of green and blooming plants with Christmas decorations…a perfect gift for your Christmas wishes!

Basket of Christmas plants

Christmas basket arrangement with poinsettia and other green/blooming plants…for a magic Christmas!

Basket of green plants

Rich basket of green plants to adorn your garden with elegance

Composition of green plants

Rich composition of green plants to adorn your garden with elegance

Green plant

Ornamental green plant… to send your admiration with elegance!